Effects of predators on anthropogenically degraded coral reefs
-Evidence for a behaviorally-mediated trophic cascade?
-Feedbacks between coral structural complexity and herbivory potential
Collaborator: Andrew Altieri (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute)


Predator-prey dynamics on rocky reefs in the Southern California Bight
Collaborators: Kevin Hovel (SDSU), Marissa Baskett (UCD)

Urchin mortality in San Diego kelp forest video


Oyster restoration and effects of bioeroding sponges (Clionidae)
Collaborators: David Eggleston (NCSU), Niels Lindquist (UNC)


Diamondback terrapin nesting and movement
Collaborator: Willem Roosenburg (Ohio University)


Oyster reef predator-prey interactions
Collaborators: Charles “Pete” Peterson, Nathan Geraldi, Stephen Fegley (UNC)


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